Stages that dried apricots pass from:




*Final Inspection


*All dried apricots in our factory are machine washed and sieved.

*The best moisture is adjusted in the oven and foreign items are removed. Final inspection is made and dried apricots are packaged in carton boxes.

*Our dried apricots are prepared in accordance with the Quality Characteristics for utmost customer satisfaction


Things You Do Not Know About Apricots

*Has protective effects against cancer

*Contains A,B,C vitamins, protein, lots of sugar and mineral salts

*Good for eye health since it is rich in Vitamin A

*Strengthens hearth muscles, prevents becoming overweight

*Good for hemorrhoid, cleans up the bile gland and works the kidneys

*Protects the skin from microbes and fungus

*Protects the skin and is effective for its treatment

*Prevents ulcers in the stomach and duodenum

*Effective in the healing of already developed ulcers

*Prevents lazy bowel syndrome, regulates the blood sugar

*Increases appetite, makes blood, decreases physical and mental weariness

*Strengthens the nerves. Regulates the sleep cycles.


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