About Us

Our company started business in 1950 under different names and has continued as Meral Trade Apricot Food Construction Import Export Inc. since 2013. Meral Trade Apricot Food Construction Import Export Inc. has been continuing its production at its factories located at the 2nd industrial organized zone and at the orduzu district with state of the art technology and a superior quality understanding that gives the utmost importance to customer satisfaction and can meet the varied demands of its customers with its wide product portfolio. 
With a team of experienced professionals and a modern machine park, Meral Trade Apricot Food Construction Import Export Inc. has succeeded in satisfying both the national and international customers and has as a principle taken its final point as a new start. 

We would like to say that we would be happy to introduce our company to new investors while acknowledging our customers for preferring Meral quality.


Our Vision

Our Vision and Philosophy 
1.Our main goal is quality products and customer satisfaction. 
2.Working with reliable companies and establishing the best commercial partnership environment. 

Our Mission

1. Protecting our customers and their public to the best of our abilities and to present our products in the best way possible. 
2. Loading and delivery at the times we promised 
3. Providing the best and most up to date prices to our customers 
4. Keeping all our promises 
5. Informing our customers every year with new products and prices


Quality Policy

We as Meral Trade Apricot Food Construction Import Export Inc., 

aim to meet the demands of our customers with the best price and presentation of the most quality products. 

We carry out tests at each stage of our production process in our own laboratories for moisture, particle size, quality classification and expiry date under the guidance of our Food Engineers. 

We monitor product quality and customer satisfaction to provide product and production safety from the manufacturer to the consumer.


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